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1.Color sorter:
       By making use of photoelectric principle, the color sorter inspects and separates individuals (balls, blocks or particles) that are in abnormal colors or infected by insect pests, and foreign impurities. This unit operation is color sorting and the equipment for color sorting is color sorter. In case that it is impossible to use screening equipment to separate due to the fact that the particles of unqualified products are very similar to those of qualified products, or it is impossible to use proportion separation equipment to separate because the intensities are basically the same, color sorter can effectively fulfill the task of separation, demonstrating obvious unique function.

      Working Principle: there are several narrow and long paths inside the color sorter room, and the exit of each path is installed with highly stable light source. When materials enter the sorting zone via the chute path evenly through the vibrating feeding system, the photoelectric sensor measures the light quantities of light reflection and projection, and then compares it with the reflection light quantity of the reference color board and amplifies the difference value signal. If the signal is larger than preset value, the driving injection system blows out the particles of different colors through compressed air, thus to realize the purpose of color sorting.



2.Metal Detector
   Metal detector sends out electromagnetic wave of certain frequency. The frequency will offset due to the self inductance of metal. As it receives the offset electromagnetic wave, it will amplify the difference frequency and send out signals. And then, the metal detector sorts out the products with metal impurities automatically.

3.Air Jet Grinder
Air jet grinder ejects compressed air that has been purified and dried through jet nuzzle to form supersonic speed airflow. The materials collide with one another in the center of the intersection of high speed airflow, and are smashed in an instant. This equipment can produce micro powder up to 400 meshes.




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