Product R&D

Product R&D

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   In process of its development and in face of the fierce market competition, Xinghua Luhe Foods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) is fully aware of that science and technology constitute a primary productive force. Therefore, in recent years, the company has gradually strengthened its scientific research and has spent a great amount of manpower, materials resources and financial resources on the development of new products and technology. In this way, the company not only improves its product quality and its core competitiveness, but also prepares technological reserve for the future development. The company strives to become a new and high technology enterprise in the dehydrated vegetable industry.
   Technologically relying on the colleges, universities and research institutes, and centering on its own investment, the company carries out the joint development integrating the industry, the academes and the research institutes. In recent years, the company has successively carried out key provincial task projects in scientific and technological research and state special projects for enriching people and cities through science and technology. Through the project implementation, the company has successively established a nuisance free vegetable production base covering an area of 18,000 mu (1mu=666.67 square meters), has developed 8 new processed products of dehydrated vegetables and has applied for 3 state patents. In addition, the company has realized the industrialized production and achieved expected technological and economic benefits.


     In March 2008, the company applied for the public technological service platform construction project for the dehydrated vegetable trade development, one of scientific and technological projects in Jiangsu Province, and was authorized. The project is to establish a provincially first-class dehydrated vegetable trade public technological service platform integrating new dehydrated vegetable products development, equipment introduction, development, assembly, matching, product pilot test, generalization, demonstration, talent training and technological service through three years of efforts. The company will be constructed into a distributing center and radiation source for the dehydrated vegetable processing technology in Jiangsu Province.

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